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Selected Other Writing

“Racism, Policing, and the Black Resistance in Britain: A Conversation with Adam Elliot-Cooper.” PoLAR Online, Emergent Conversations.  Fall 2023.


“Counterinsurgency And Insurgent Safety in Istanbul”, The Metropole, The Official Blog of the Urban History Association, 2022.


“Counterinsurgency and the Police: Perspectives from Istanbul”, Urban Violence Research Network Blog, March 2022.


Review of Genocide Never Sleeps. Cambridge University Press, 2019, Eltringham, Nigel. Allegralab, 2021.


“Affect in the Courtroom: Beyond Language and Performance”. The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law, 50 (3): 356-357, 2018.


“Die AKP und die Gründugsgewalt” (The AKP and Founding Violence), Politikart, Issue 34: 34-37, 2018.


“Colonial Envy and the Success of the Kurdish Political Struggle” PoLAR Online, May, 2017.


“Turkey’s United Front Against Kurds and Democracy”, OpenDemocracy. August. Also Published in and the Seattle Star, 2016.


“United in Nationalism: Notes on the Aftermath of the Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey”, Jadalliya. September, 2016.


With Erdem Evren. “Turkey’s War and Struggle of Its Academics”, ZMO Bulletin, No.30. 25-29.

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